Welcome to Climber Helper Barcelona!

Climber Helper is at the pilot stage and is far from complete - please bear with us as we launch the programme! We are currently providing our services at cost, to allow us to better understand how we can help. Take advantage of this offer now and get your climbing trip to Barcelona organized for free!

    Multi-pitch in Montserrat: Valentín-Casanovas 290m. 7c (6a/Ae)

  • Barrufets penultima

    Multi-pitch in Montserrat Frares: Barrufets 230m. 7b (6b/A2)

    0 standard
  • Multi-pitch in Roca Regina: Gali-Molero 440m. 6a (V/Ae)

    0 standard
  • Mescalina Ae on Pitch 7

    Multi-pitch in Terradets: Mescalina 430m. 7a (6a/Ae)

    0 standard